We focus on Consultancy and advisory services on laptop equipment. We deal with different institutions in Government, NGO’s and individual client. We also undertake repairs and after sales services from surrounding companies on request. Our technicians are highly trained to carry out diagnosis and repairs on our clients machines efficiently. We offer a wide range of laptop parts and accessories at very competitive rates. We also do components replacement on the laptop mother board such as: power IC’s, video cards, power diodes, power ports and power units etc.

Most laptops general diagnostics include among others:

  • Faulty ram (memory)
  • Dead (not powering)
  • Faint display (displays at the background)
  • Broken screen (cracked screen), shows a line.
  • Faulty power unit
  • Faulty power adapter
  • Not able to boot
  • Faulty inverter
  • Cd rom not reading
  • Powers on and off automatically
  • Hangs
  • Unable to run for long on battery
  • Broken hinges
  • Faulty keyboard (keypad)
  • Displays a blue screen
  • Noisy hard drive

Our team of technicians is able to diagnose these faults, fix and perform the necessary repairs within the shortest time possible.