Laser printers are the most stable printers and rarely fail especially when proper maintenance and service procedure are adhered to as stimulated by the equipment Manufacturer.We offers quality services in repair and maintenance of these printers to enhance maximum performance. Some specific parts should be replaced during normal maintenance service to prevent eventual equipment break down.

We stock and supply these parts at very competitive prices. Some of the parts that require replacement in most laser printers during servicing include:

  • Pickup rollers
  • Feed rollers
  • Pressure rollers
  • Separation pads/arms and kits

The above parts if worn out will cause the printer to:

  • Pick more than one paper at a time
  • Frequent paper jam in the paper channel of the printer
  • Fail to pick up papers
  • Smudge toner on printed  paper

NB: HP (Hewlett Packard) Brand of printers has been used as an example in this case due to its prevalence in the market.

Because of the above, it is our policy to recommend to our clients to take into consideration the above measures during schedule maintenance services of laser jet printers. When given a chance to be the maintenance service provider, we replace the above mentioned parts per the manufacture’s recommended procedures and within the recommended duration of operation. In the addition to the above, different Laser printers require other parts in case of breakdowns.